Tapered European Human Hair Wig


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If you are looking to purchase a short, tapered European Human Hair wig, you should buy one that comes already short. This way, the hair will conform to the neck. For more info on short european har wigs, go to http://www.pickawig.com


Is it normal for my wig to knot?


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Absolutely! Especially in the winter. The friction of the coat combined with heating and other winter elements are rough on the wig. For most wigs, knotting occurs at the inside rows.

How do you deal with the knotting?

  1. Brush the wig out after each wear in the direction of tips of hair to root. Work your way up.
  2. Use some detangling spray if necessary
  3. Put the hair in a ponytail when wearing a coat

When is knotting considered a manufacturing defect?

  1. If the wig knots like a bird’s nest, when you are not wearing a coat
  2. If it takes you longer than 15 minutes to brush out the knots
  3. If the knots are not just isolated to the hair by the nape

Most reputable companies will stand behind their product and treat the wig for knotting.

Important information about knotting:

For some reason that is not completely comprehensible, high-end wigs, the ones made from European Human hair, will normally knot in the first 3-6 months of wear. But once you break into the wig, and after a couple of washes, you will notice significant improvement in the knotting. Whereas wigs made from inferior hair quality won’t knot in the beginning but after a couple of washes it will turn into one complete matted knot that you can’t brush through.

You should also note that the longer the wig, the more it will knot.

Why are Shevy Wigs so Expensive?



The price of high quality European has risen dramatically over the years. Shevy is one of the only wig companies that doesn’t combine european human hair with oriental human hair.  When companies do that, they  are able to reduce the price significantly on wigs, but the low quality is evident after only 6 months of wear.  The hair is processed and siliconed extensively, to give it the feel and look of a high quality wig, but after several washes, the shine and texture wear out and you’re left with a limp wig.

Shevy’s chosen not to compromise on their quality and their reputation they worked so hard to build. Every strand of hair is 100% of the highest quality European hair.  Buying a Shevy Wig is definitely worth the investment, especially if you wear a wig every day. Ask anyone who owns a Shevy wig; they would tell you that their Shevy is 5 -10 years old, and it only gets better with time. You hardly hear that with any other company.

To buy a Shevy wig, go to www.pickawig.com

Stunning results for an integration hair piece. order now and save http://www.pickawig.com/wigs/pc/Runway-wavy-human-hair-extensions-11p167.htm



For those who have thinning hair but don’t want to wear a full wig, the perfect solution is an integration piece. The way it works: you pull your own hair through the integration piece, to create a full head of hair with the same “you” look, It is important for the integration piece to be made out of top quality human hair, so that you achieve the natural flow and movement of regular hair.


Is it normal for a human hair wig to knot?


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Absolutely. The longer the hair, the more it will tend to tangle. But the interesting thing is that the higher quality human hair wigs such as the ones made from European Human Hair or Russian Human Hair will tangle only the first few months of wear and then the wig breaks into your skin, so to speak, and the tangling gets much better.

The winter weather is also hard on wigs.  Coats cause a lot of knotting and the heat can cause static. 

To brush out knots, work on the inner layers first, from the tips to the roots. Use detangling spray if necessary.

Instructions for clip in bangs by Lieba




Instructions for Bangs by Lieba


1)      Clip the wider side by your hairline and then clip the narrower side.

2)      Wet bangs before cutting and brush into desired style; i.e. if you want thicker bangs comb more hair towards face, and if you want thinner bangs, just comb a thin selection forward.

3)      When cutting bangs, leave hair on the sides and in the back longer to blend in with your own hair.

4)      Style and blow dry.

5)      Bangs can be colored by a professional

6)      Wash every 2-3 weeks if worn daily.

7)      Use high quality shampoo.

8)      Lather shampoo in a downward motion. Do not scrunch hair. Rinse

9)       Apply a high quality rinse -out conditioner to the ends of the hair.

10)    Enjoy Bangs by Lieba

For more information on how to wear Bangs by Lieba, please see our infomercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS16QNTDqWc



Clip-on Bangs – great for under a hat.


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Clip-on Bangs - great for under a hat.

When covering your hair for religious reasons, you’re not always in the mood of wearing a wig, especially if you’re running to the grocery store for a quick errand. So you throw on a beret and look in the mirror and something looks off, you have no hair coming through. So you take your wig and put the beret on top. Looks good, but you just got your wig styled and you don’t want to ruin it. That’s where our clip-in Bangs come into play. In 2 seconds you look amazing, you clip them onto your hairline with the 3 ez snaps sewn onto the clip-in bangs, and you throw your beret on top. Voila.

Check out all the possibilities of our clip in bangs at bangsbyLIeba.com